Five proven ways to make money as a student (with links)

How to make money as a student

How to make money as a student

I understand that you are a student and you are still learning the ways of the world.

However, if you look inside, there are several abilities and skills within you which are valuable to others.

The only task you have is to find the right customers and align your skills with their needs, and voila, you found an opportunity to make money.

Most people are unaware of the often misunderstood concept of money. Money is not real – it is an illusion. Your ability to make money is what is real. If you can always focus on your ability to add value to others, it doesn’t matter if you are a student or a house wife, you will see opportunities to make everywhere.

When I was in school, I did all the below jobs, until I got an assistant ship for my graduate school program.

  1. Helped in the dairy farm of the veterinary school for supporting their research projects. The job included feeding the animals with measured amounts of fodder and feed, collecting animal manure samples, herding the dairy cows from the field to the milk parlor.
  2. Helped in weeding and harvesting potatoes for the horticulture department to support their research projects.
  3. Tutored student athletes under the Academic Support Program for Student Athletes – which is a college funded tutoring program. Since the athletes bring so much money to the college, the college was eager to spend money to help the athletes to improve their grades.
  4. Worked the college cafeteria.
  5. Worked as a computer lab monitor.
  6. Data analysis using Excel and Excel macros for analyzing the data research project.

Among these jobs, except for the job in the college cafeteria, for all other jobs, I got paid way above the minimum wage.

These jobs helped me to reduce my student loan load, and when I started my first real career after school, I already had a decent, used all paid for car for my daily commute.

Now a days, when people complain about their huge student loans, I often wonder about what they were doing during their spare time while they are in school.

Here are five proven ways to make money while you are a college student. You can learn more details about each item by clicking the links.

  1. Make money tutoring other students
  2. Make money selling on eBay and Amazon
  3. Get a commission only marketing or sales job
  4. Use your skills and do projects on Fiverr
  5. Create a Blog or VLog

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