Directory of Reputable Mystery Shopping Companies – 2021

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Avoid con-artists and scammers masquerading as mystery shopping companies

  1. Never send any money to any company in any form for a mystery shopping assignment – they may call it as a membership fee or listing fee etc.
  2. Check Cashing Scam:This scam operates like this, you will be given a fake mystery shopping assignment. After the assignment, you will be offered a much higher amount on the condition that you need to wire the excess funds to another entity through western union or other methods. This is a typical check cashing scam, coming in the form of mystery shopping.Most mystery shopping companies make the payment through PayPal, Live check or Direct Deposit. If you receive a Cashier Checks or a pre-payment coming from a mystery shopping company it is a scam.

    As indicated in the first item, never send any money to anyone – however legitimate it appears. If you receive a check with an amount higher than your promised mystery shopping assignment fees, then don’t even deposit the check. These checks will bounce and you will be responsible for the bank charges for this illegitimate check.

    Read more about such mystery shopping check cashing scams here.

The directory of mystery shopping companies

The directory of mystery shopping companies

List of legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies

You can review the complete list of all MSPA registered mystery shopping companies here – [It is a slow link, please wait a few minutes for the page to load].

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