How to save money on your home phone bill?

Saving Money on your home phone service

Saving Money on your home phone service

We used to pay about $32.00 per month (when bundled with FIOS from Verizon) for our home phone service alone.

Then we switched to IP phone service from VOIPO.

With VOIPO, there is no setup fee and everything is included in the single 149.00 payment for two years.

It is $6.20 per month if you like to know the per month cost. You can cancel your service during the first month if we are not fully satisfied.

I have been with them for over 6 months and I am very happy with their service.

The $6.20 per month service includes unlimited calling to US and Canada.

Note: We have Verizon FIOS Internet which is blazingly fast with 50 Mbps bandwidth. So we never had any issue with call quality.

We frequently make long calls to Asian countries and never experienced any call quality issues. They never even know that we are using a VOIP service. I am not sure if your call quality deteriorate if you have a less than stellar internet service.

Number Porting:

You can port your current phone number by filling in and sending a form to your current phone company. VOIPO will send you the form for porting your phone number.

The number porting can take a week to two depending on how fast your current company will do their paper work. Until your phone number is ported to VOIPO, you can continue using the VOIPO service using the temporary number that VOIPO will provide.

Physical Phone:

You can continue to use your current phone (regular wired or cordless phone) with VOIPOs phone service. They will ship you a small box which you connect to your router and then you connect your phone (wired phone or your cordless phone base unit to this box and you are all set)

Here are the VOIPOservice features we found useful:

  1. They have an adaptive spam call filter. They will automatically add new numbers to that list based on the complaint by their customers. After activating this free service, I had zero spam calls. Unlike Verizon, I don’t need to add new numbers there.
  2. Has all the great features such as Caller ID,Call Waiting,3 Way Calling, Advanced Voice mail, On line Call History, On line Voice mail, Contacts, Custom Caller ID, Custom Call Routing, Call Forwarding, Outbound Call Routing, Fail-over, E911,Telemarketer Block,Do Not Disturb.
  3. They have 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with their service.
  4. Excellent customer support which is located in the US

Additional Advantages

  1. Ideal to take your phone wherever you go:
    If you travel frequently, it is very easy to hook it up anywhere there has been broadband Internet service.

  2. Voice Mail:
    In the account settings on line control panel, you can setup your voice mail to be sent to you as an mp3 file email attachment. This helped me to receive messages while on travel by using public wifi.

  3. You will get all the advanced features offered by phone companies without additional cost:
    VOIPo offers call recording, call forwarding, call waiting, distinctive ring tones, a “do not disturb” setting, and detailed/extensive call history records, among other features. If you want to block calls from those you wish not to hear from you, you can make them hear the busy signal or phone out of order.

  4. Excellent US based customer support thought phone and on-line chat:

Based on my experience, VOIPO’s customer & technical assistance has been quick, respectful, and very responsive. The customer support is based in the US, so you don’t have to struggle to speak with someone whose native language is not English.

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