40 Side Income Ideas or Ideas for Dave Jobs (with links)

40 Practical Side Income Ideas

40 Practical Side Income Ideas

Dave Job is a term developed by the followers of the financial teachings of Dave Ramsey.

He is the founder of Dave Ramsey Radio Show (1992) which was initially developed for helping people one-on-one who were struggling with financial issues.

A Dave job is a job that you pick up on the side to earn extra cash to put towards your debt.

Additional advantages of a side job or Dave Job:

In addition to the additional income that you generate, you could also get tax write off for most of the Dave job (side job) related expenses. For example, the vehicle mileage (for side jobs such as Uber/Lift Driver, Pizza Delivery, food Taxi et), portions of you phone bill, smart phone cost (Uber/Lift drivers), internet (for on-line tutoring jobs), computer related expenses (for on line tutoring) etc.

If you rent a room in your home though AirBnb then portions of your home repair bills as well as your real-estate tax and mortgage interest can be tax deductible as a business expense.

Bonus List of Side Hustle or Side Income Dave Jobs

  1. Mystery Shopping:
  2. If you like to shop, and like to make some extra-income when you do shopping, then mystery shopping (for more information you can read the “Secrets if Mystery Shopping“) is a perfect side income idea for you.

    We hope you know what mystery shopping means. Mystery shopping or secret shopping is a process or program used by companies to do market research, evaluate the customer service of their staff, or compliance with government regulation or company policies by their staff. A mystery shopper is a regular customer hired for doing such evaluation, on behalf of the company doing the research. The Mystery Shopper will be compensated for their time by a fixed remuneration for their assignment after they submit a detailed report on their shopping experience in a specific format specified for that mystery shopping assignment.

    In addition, the customer will be re-reimbursed for the cost incurred in shopping for the item specified in that assignment.

    Even though the service provider company can themselves hire Mystery Shoppers, often times due to practical reason, the mystery shopping service is outsourced to specialized companies.
    To find legitimate mystery shopping companies, please review our post showing the Directory of legitimate and reputable mystery shopping companies.

List of Potential Side Income ideas or Dave Jobs

  1. Deliver Pizza
  2. Waitress, Barista on Evenings and Weekends (Olive Garden, Star bucks )
  3. Working as a chef on the local restaurant on Friday, Saturday nights
  4. Merchandise for department or grocery stores Kroger, Walmart
  5. Picking up seasonal work during busy shopping seasons (Spring season as Home Improvement stores, Christmas and New Years on most department stores)
  6. Rent a spare room through AirBnb
  7. Rent your car when you don’t need it (turo.com)
  8. Phone Customer Support during evenings and weekends (LiveOps)
  9. Work for Amazon Flex to deliver package over the weekend
  10. Work as a care giver (care.com)
  11. Selling your crafts on etsy.com
  12. Become a Best Buy Geek Squad
  13. Selling stuff on Amazon.com and ebay.com
  14. Drive for Uber/Lyft
  15. Donate Plasma
  16. Part-time retail sales jobs
  17. Teaching/Coaching martial arts, sports, umpiring sports competitions to local school children
  18. Tutoring Locally or on-line (from your home)
  19. Babysitting on weekend nights, date night babysitter every Friday, Saturday nights
  20. Pet walking
  21. Teach ESL English on-line to children in China
  22. On weekend evenings, offer to deliver food (food taxi) from busy popular high-end restaurants that don’t provide delivery service
  23. Write and sell on-line courses on topics in which you are an expert
  24. Publish a YouTube channel on topics that you are passionate about
  25. Clean and organize others’ homes on the weekends
  26. Picking up children from school
  27. Newspaper delivery
  28. School crossing guard
  29. Security guard (Find security guard jobs in your zip code)
  30. Bus cleaner
  31. Take photos of foreclosures for banks
  32. Cleaning offices for small business in the area
  33. Family day care educator – Before and after school care
  34. On line marketing (Jamberry.com, Lipsense lipstick – lipsense.com, Avon, Herbalife, Norwex, Partylite, younique, scentsy )
  35. Home salon with beauty therapy (Tanning, Waxing, Massage, Manicure, Pedicure)
  36. Teaching Piano or other musical instruments
  37. Bookkeeping and accounting for local small businesses
  38. Portrait and Wedding Photography
  39. Spray Tanner
  40. Taking on line surveys – Free Gift Cards for Paid Surveys and More (Swagbucks -http://www.swagbucks.com), Opinion Outpost (https://www.opinionoutpost.com, iPoll – https://www.ipoll.com, InboxDollars https://www.inboxdollars.com)

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